Monday, November 4, 2013

Getting Lost

Have you ever gotten lost in someone’s eyes?

There you are having a completely normal conversation with someone you've talked with a hundred times, you make eye contact and completely lose all track of what you were saying?

like this:

There you are having a nice normal conversation and

  BAM –

Out of nowhere you are suddenly think, “Blue.  His eyes are bl...”

Then you realize that you were talking and now you’re not
and he’s waiting patiently for you to finish your sentence.  

You have no idea how long you've been standing there, saying nothing and staring.

Suddenly your brain starts working again.
“oh shit.  I was talking.  What the heck was I talking about?”

You blink, time resumes, and you rack your brain to recall anything about the conversation.

All the while he’s just standing there, looking amused. 

You fumble for the words to finish the conversation.  As soon as possible you walk away and realize you have no idea what just happened, but hope he didn't notice that you just acted like a complete idiot.

Before you ask, No, this is not a recent occurrence.  Maybe I made it all up. Maybe I’m remembering something from a long time ago.  

Or maybe I saw it on tv. 

Maybe it belongs in that same daydream where Orlando Bloom is driving around the countryside, gets lost and pulls up to my house to ask for directions. We hit it off, get married and live happily ever after. 

I do like daydreams.

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