Saturday, March 18, 2017

drifting between dreaming and awake

Gently, quietly.
the softest touch of a warm blanket
 sliding over my skin to settle on my shoulders.

too sleepy to swim back to the place where my eyes will open,
words about opening a window tumble out.
Because, rain.

Because, always cold.

I insist.
Because, rain.

A sigh of happiness.
The sound of a window sliding open
and the scent of fresh spring rain.

A moment of stillness as the peaceful sounds of falling rain fill the air
as i drift between dreaming and awake.

Another contented sigh
and sounds of settling.

No extra thoughts.
No stray worries.
Just the music of the rain,
the warmth of blankets,
and the slight sound of sleepy breathing.

Time to drift into dreaming.