Monday, June 12, 2017

llamas with hats, archer, and charlie the unicorn

My dear friend, Mr Jameson, convinced me that it was a good idea to have an honest conversation with an old friend.   The last time whiskey convinced me to say a few things to an old friend it was one of my better decisions.  So,  hey, if it worked once....

The conversation was both harder and easier. We're very different people. I'm too much and he's intense. But all the cards were on the table.
Lots of talking.  Lots of whiskey.
Oh, so much....talking.

When we ran out of words we realized we had found a beginning.

I really didn't know what to expect.


I didn't expect a someone who actively, consciously continues to choose me.

I didn't expect a someone who comes over after midnight just to hug me because my day defeated me.

I didn't expect a someone to laugh with my not-so-littles and play board games and watch the movies they couldn't believe he hadn't seen.

I didn't expect a someone who enjoys me so completely, glitter, quirks, and all the kristin-ness.

I didn't expect a someone who kept me company at 2 am while I stood barefoot in the kitchen sink, painting the wall, and singing along with the music.

I didn't expect a someone who thanked me for showing him that painting barefoot at 2 am is sometimes the very rightest thing to do.

I didn't expect to fall quite so completely for an intense, singing, burping someone.

And I certainly didn't expect Llamas with Hats, Archer, and Charlie the Unicorn.