Saturday, August 13, 2016

august again

End of summer.
Back to school. 

Time to stop and look around and see where I’m at.

Seven years ago I was recovering from a hysterectomy.
Five years ago I moved out of the city.
Three years ago I was leaning on my friends, struggling thru everyday in a new reality.
Two years ago I stopped treading water. 
Last year?  
Last year, I sat in the house I purchased myself and happily drank terrible whiskey. I had a conversation.
Tonight I'm sitting in my almost perfect farmhouse with MY new-to-me Jeep in the driveway, drinking 12 year old scotch. Watching Cheers. Happily. Writing again. 

Still missing my six.
Still wishing the world was smaller, or I could travel more.

Life flies by.
My eldest starts high school next month.
My littlest starts middle school.
My boy is taller than I am. 
I enjoy my nine-to-five. 
I found a person who makes me happy - a person who only grunts when he feels my cold feet on him, and pulls me closer in the middle of the night, a person who tells me when I’m being confusing and humors me when I question everything and squirrel from project to project. 

I have a house I bought myself and a line of baby roses that will eventually be a hedge. 
I have family who help every way they can and listen when I feel like talking.

I don’t pretend to know where life is going.  
I can’t tell you where I’ll be next year or who will be next to me. 

I can tell you I am going to grab every moment, happy or not, and live it.

I suggest you do the same.