words i remember from people who care

Occasionally someone says something to me that just makes sense, 
strikes a chord, and stays with me 
long after the conversation ends.

thank you


For years I haven't been interested in making my happiness contingent on being in a relationship...F*ck you (hypothetical person who tells me what I need/want out of life) for assuming I need to "find someone" to be a fully signed up member of the human race...The great thing about life is it's completely different for everyone, and everyone needs or wants something different."

You're awesome. Own it. Own the awesome"

...you need to decide if you’re going to run away or run toward it.
Then do it. …and only you know which way to run."

"You are not her anymore; she's a part of you, but not you anymore."

"Life's just a bunch of storms sometimes.
you're either in one
coming upon one
or getting out of one."

"The hard stuff is hard because it means so much.
Which is awful. 
But also amazing...
it's so good that there are things and people that we care enough about
 to warrant the hard. 
The fight. Still sucks."

"You are not too old to be my friend and frankly,
nobody but us gets to make that call."

"As a child of divorce, the one thing I'll say, is always ask your kids how they are. They may not always say the truth, but they love you. And that will help them in the long run on pushing past this, and they'll thank you."

"They don't know it yet, but your kids are proud of you too."

"They can take your glitter, but they can't take your sparkle."

If you said one of these things to me, 
know that I remember it, 

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